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Superhero Dress Up Capes & Masks

  • Designed to fit children ages 3 to 8
  • Perfect Gift for Young Superheros!
  • Imaginative Roleplay –  Helps build confidence and creativity
  • Complete Party Bundle – Six total cape and masks sets for boys
  • One Size Fits All – Power Capes are approximately 24″ tall and 26″ wide
  • Improved Comfort & Durability – Masks are made of skin-friendly materials

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  • This Superhero Cosplay Costumes are double sided satin and felt & velcro closure.
  • NOT JUST HALLOWEEN: When I was a kid I had a favorite pair of cowboy boots that I wore all year long, no matter the season. Why just wear costumes on Halloween for 1 day a year when you can have costumes all year round for cosplay and pretend play with your friends. We sell enough varieties of costumes that your child can easily share with all his or her friends during pretend play. Our costumes are so strong and durable that they can withstand multiple uses all year long.
  • HAND-MADE: We searched the World over to find a manufacturer making costumes by Hand not by conveyor belt and mass production. Each and every one of our costumes is uniquely hand-made using scissors and a sewing machine. We are Proud to have one of the very last manufacturers that still takes the quality and time to create each costume by hand to make sure every child receives a completely original and individual costume.
  • SOFT and COMFORTABLE: Each mask is handmade from the softest felt fabric that is available to costume makers. The FELT will NOT irritate your child’s skin or leave them sweaty and greasy like the plastic masks. The FELT MASK specifically tested and made of the finest fabric to be Hypoallergenic and Non-Irritable
  • SATIN CAPES: Our capes are double sided using a technique to blend 2 color fabrics together to make one single cape. That;s right,our capes are made of two, not one, layers of SATIN fabric. The cape is reversible and can be worn on either side giving your child the ability to reverse colors during playtime. The satin is smooth, soft, silky to the touch and also resists stains and wrinkles which Moms LOVE.
  • WASHABLE: Just throw the cape (Not the mask) into he washing machine on GENTLE CYCLE and the cape will come out looking brand new. Hang it up to dry to prevent wrinkling.

26 reviews for Superhero Dress Up Capes & Masks

  • These were way better than I expected for the price. We’re a huge hit at my son’s birthday as the favors.

  • Got for my son super hero themed party the kids loved them!!

  • Perfect Perfect Perfect for the little want to be super hero! My 4 yr. old Loves them!


  • These are adorable. Our sons love them!

  • Really cute and worth the price. My son is enjoying these.

  • These are adorable! Love them. They are soft and seem pretty durable.

  • Love these capes and masks.

  • Great bargain for the price and quality !

  • Fantastic and has held up great with kids running and playing in it during my son’s super hero birthday party!

  • Thanks for a great product huge thumbs up!!!!

  • For the price paid, I didn’t expect this. These are super cute and very good quality.

  • What a great buy. My son is playing all sorts of different characters. The price is amazing.

  • My grandsons love to play super hero all the time! When they opened this gift, they played with nothing else the whole day!! They love them!!

  • My little boys age 5 & 6 love these.

  • Son loves being a different hero each day.

  • Cute my little guys loves them but they were shorter than I expected. My 8 year old looks silly wearing it but my younger ones love them.

  • My boys (5 and 3) love chasing each other in these. They change into different capes and having 5 limits the fighting. Quality is sturdy considering cheap price!

  • They are having a ton of fun with these costumes! Great quality and durable for boys!

  • FANTASTIC!!!My son loved them and so did his friends.

  • Great quality .

  • Every little boy’s fun time “dress up” clothes!

  • Great quality especially for the price.

  • Awesome price for six costumes!

  • These are incredible. Bought them for my son’s birthday party and we still play with them.

  • These were for my nephew and he loved them. He is four and his older brother, five, also loved them.

  • Purchased as a 5th birthday present for my niece, who loved them and has been in the Batman mask ever since. I was expecting mediocre quality, but was very pleasantly surprised.

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